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  1. SEER Rating Explained

    If you’re on the search for a new air conditioning unit for your home or business, or have ever had to go AC shopping, then you have definitely stumbled across SEER rating before. What most people know is that AC units have a SEER rating attached to them in numerical form and it has something to d…Read More

  2. How to Make Your Business More Energy Efficient

    As a business owner, you’re always thinking about the bottom line. Whether it be providing your services more efficiently, growing, or improving production, there is always a way that you and your business can grow. One such way businesses are looking to improve is through efficient energy usage. …Read More

  3. Tips For a More Energy Efficient Home

    Looking to cut costs on your monthly energy bill? Or maybe you are just interested in doing your part to reduce your environmental impact. Whatever your reasoning for wanting to be more energy-conscious, you’ve come to the right place. Our HVAC services at Gundlach’s Service in Bakersfield are s…Read More

  4. 5 Common Heater Problems

    While it hasn’t been freezing here in Bakersfield as of late, there has definitely been a nip in the air. We’ve been running our heater the last few days, and we’d bet that you have been too. That is unless your furnace or HVAC system has run into some snags! If that’s the case, be sure to g…Read More

  5. What to Do If Your Heater Goes Out

    As we venture deeper into the 2020 holiday season, the weather is seemingly getting cooler by the minute. With most people being stuck and home anyhow, the cooler weather isn’t necessarily as impactful for most people. That is, unless your heater goes out mid-season! In today’s blog at Gundlach…Read More

  6. Why Furnace Maintenance is Important

    It typically stays pretty warm here in Bakersfield, but come December and January, many Bakersfield residents find themselves using the heater on a regular basis. Though you may only run the heater two or three months out of the year, it’s crucial that it works well when you turn it on for the col…Read More

  7. 4 Steps To A Safe, Comfortable, And Energy-Efficient Home

    At Gundlach’s Service in Bakersfield, one of our premier HVAC services is our whole-home performance and energy auditing service. Our team takes great pride in our ability to simultaneously cut energy costs, reduce energy consumption, and make your home as comfortable as possible. In today’s blo…Read More

  8. 5 Signs It’s Time For a New Furnace

    Being a homeowner comes with some awesome perks, but it’s not without its drawbacks. Owning a home comes with responsibilities like taking care of the landscaping, keeping the home clean, and ensuring you are keeping up with regular maintenance. If you’ve just moved into a home that was just bui…Read More

  9. What is the Comfort Club at Gundlach’s Service?

    At Gundlach’s Service in Bakersfield, it’s no secret that we offer a wide variety of services. We do plumbing, HVAC services, home performance, and offer Comfort Club Maintenance. Most people have a firm grasp on what plumbing and HVAC services entail, but we often get asked: what is the Comfort…Read More

  10. Why Regular AC Maintenance Is Important

    Whether you do it yourself or have someone else do it for you, maintenance of any kind can sometimes feel like a chore. For example, not everyone loves changing the oil in their car, changing the water filter, or watering plants. But, maintenance is an essential aspect of most anything in life. If y…Read More