Heating Service In Bakersfield

When the weather starts to cool down, count on Gundlach‘s to keep you comfortable with our quality heating services in Bakersfield. We offer expertise in heater and furnace repair, maintenance, and replacement for residential customers throughout the local area. Whether you are calling us in the middle of the night with a true heating emergency or you simply need help tuning up your furnace for the winter ahead, our team will always provide you with high-quality assistance. From the first moment you call us to the final moment we are in your home, you can count on us for fair pricing, quick service, and courteous assistance. Check out more information below about the array of heating services we provide.


Our highly skilled and NATE-certified technicians can handle all of your heating service needs and are available 24/7 in case of an emergency. We also offer our Comfort Club maintenance agreement to help extend the life of your system and keep it running efficiently. We understand that keeping your home heated is an important aspect of ensuring your family is safe and cozy.

Nothing is worse than waking up in the middle of a cold night and realizing your furnace has gone out. When you neglect your furnace for too long, things can breakdown and leave you in the cold. Our team wants to ensure that this never happens to you through proper repair and maintenance. However, if you find that you are shivering in the cold, be sure to give us a call. We are available night or day, which means you can always reach our talented HVAC techs for repairs.

Schedule An Annual Tune-Up

One of the best ways to prevent a late night heating disaster is through an annual tune-up. Long before the winter weather strikes, contact our team to schedule this routine heating maintenance. Our HVAC technician will carefully inspect your entire heating system. From the furnace itself and all its major components to your thermostat and ducts, we will spend time giving everything a thorough once over.

During a furnace tune-up, your HVAC tech can point out any issues that might be ready to occur. This gives you a chance to swap out parts and make small repairs before winter arrives. Your heating technician can also help you optimize your furnace, ensuring it is running as efficiently as possible. Something as simple as swapping out an old, dirty filter can save you countless dollars on your energy bills.

Signs You Need Repairs

In some cases, your furnace will give you a strong indication that things are awry. If you are facing any of the following scenarios, it might be a sign that it is time to call our team in for repairs:

  • Strange Sounds: Your furnace might make a small noise here or there as it kicks on and off, however, if you are hearing loud banging or clanking noises in the night, it might be a sign that something is amiss. Don’t live with a loud furnace any longer. Talk to our heating techs about what might be causing the racket.
  • Cold House: Is your thermostat set on high but your home is still too cold for comfort? This could be a sign that your furnace cannot keep up with your demands. In some cases, the furnace is the wrong size for your space and, in other situations, it is due to the furnace no longer operating at its prime.
  • High Energy Bills: Have you noticed a huge spike in your heating bills? This could be due to your furnace. When your furnace gets older and parts wear out, it doesn’t run as efficiently as it once could. This can cause a major spike in your energy bills.
  • Constant Cycling: If your heating system is constantly cycling on and off, over and over again, something is amiss. Your furnace should be able to heat your home and turn off for a while. Constant cycling could be an indication that your furnace is about to breakdown.

If you have noticed any of these issues or perhaps something else entirely, reach out to our team. We can provide you with an assessment of your heating system’s current condition and what repairs we deem necessary. When you work with our expert heating team, you can count on us to be honest and fair. We never try to upsell you on products you don’t need, which is why we pay our techs a flat salary rather than commission. We want our team members to provide you with honest feedback not driven by a desire to sell you products you don’t need. When you schedule a tune-up or repairs, be sure to also ask about our Comfort Club Maintenance Agreement.


In climates like ours, a high-efficiency heating system can keep your whole house comfortable while keeping utility costs low. We specialize in comfortable, cost-effective heating solutions, including furnaces, boilers, and heat pumps. We have a full selection of Carrier equipment to choose from that can meet any of your heating needs.

Knowing when to replace your heating system can be tricky. After all, this is a large investment. A good indication that the time has come for a heating system is when yours has passed the 20-year mark. The older your system becomes, the less efficient it will be. Another clear sign that you need to upgrade your home’s heater is when you are spending copious amounts each year in repairs. Rather than pouring money into an old furnace on its way out, consider investing in a new, energy-efficient model.

If you aren’t sure whether or not it is time to invest in a new heating system, contact our team. We will be happy to provide you with a fair assessment of your current system. If we think it is serving you well and simply needs a few repairs, we will let you know. However, if we think we could save you some money with a new installation, we will provide you with those options as well.

Schedule Heating Services Today

For heating services in Bakersfield you can trust, contact the team who puts your comfort first at Gundlach’s. Our goal is to ensure that you and your family are warm, no matter how cold the night gets. We work hard to provide the highest quality heating services around. You can count on our team to be reliable, honest, and efficient in our work. We are proud of the quality reputation we have built in the local community and we hope to gain your trust as well. Book your appointment today or reach out with further questions about the services we provide.