You may be thinking, “Is there really such a thing as water pressure that is too high?” Unfortunately, the answer is yes. While good water pressure can seem like a rare and highly coveted myth to some, you can have too much of a good thing. High water pressure can damage your plumbing, appliances, and lead to catastrophes like burst pipes. Keep reading to learn more about if your water pressure may be too high and contact our plumbing services at Gundlach’s Service in Bakersfield for help.

Loud Noises From Your Pipes

Loud, scary banging noises coming from the pipes in your walls are a tell-tale sign that your water pressure is too high. This phenomenon is often referred to as the Water Hammer. Water Hammers are caused when water that is cruising through your pipes at high-speeds suddenly comes grinding to a halt by running into a bend. When water is moving through your pipes so quickly that it causes your house’s entire plumbing to tremor and bang, it may be time to contact plumbing services.


While leaking isn’t always an indicator that your water pressure is too high, it certainly can be in many cases. If you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. There is so much water ready to come bursting forth that the valve or fixture is having a hard time holding back all the water — so some leaks through. Regardless of whether or not your leak is due to high water pressure or a different plumbing issue, it’s a good idea to call our plumbing services at Gundlach’s Service for assistance.

Appliances Breaking

Appliances that use water like your dishwasher and washing machine are made to handle water appropriately. But, if the water pressure is too high and they are getting too much water too fast, they are prone to premature failure. Even newer appliances can break down if the water pressure in your home is simply too much for them to handle.

Inconsistent Water Pressure

Sometimes when your water pressure is too high, you’ll notice inconsistent water pressure. Your faucets may run like normal at times and other times, they may act like geysers. Having this happen on occasion isn’t typically anything to worry about. But, if your water pressure is consistently inconsistent, it may be time to work with plumbing services to find a solution.

How High is Too High?

If you have the means to measure your water pressure, you shouldn’t let your water pressure exceed 80 pounds per square inch (PSI). Around 80 PSI is when your water pressure will start to have very negative consequences for your appliances and plumbing. Reasonable water pressure for your home is typically above 40 PSI and well below 80 PSI.

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