Nothing lasts forever. Eventually, as sad as it is, you will have to part with your old water heater. But how will you know when that time is? It’s not always easy knowing when your water heater is on its last legs. That’s why in today’s blog at Gundlach’s Service in Bakersfield, our plumbing service experts dive into some of the more common signs that your water heater is about due for a replacement. Keep reading to learn more! 


If you are unsure whether or not it’s time, or you have a different question for our Bakersfield Plumbers, feel free to contact us today!

Your Water Heater Is Old

The lifespan of a water heater can vary greatly depending on how often it is used, the build quality, the type of water heater that it is, and more. However, you can generally expect your water heater to last about 8–10 years. So, one of the most common signs that it’s about time to replace the water heater in your home or business is how old it is. If your water heater is approaching the 10-year mark, it may be time to call a Bakersfield plumber like Gundlach’s Service to help you install a brand new water heater.

You’re Seeing Rusty Water

As the years go by, your water heater can start to rust on the inside as it reaches the end of its life. Rust presents itself through a pinkish-red color coming out of your tap, shower, or anywhere else with access to hot water. Steel is an impressively strong metal that holds up well under pressure. But even the strongest water heaters will eventually begin to rust. As this rust builds up in your water heater, you’ll see it more and more as you continue to use hot water. Rust on the inside of your water heater can mean that your water heater is about to start leaking water and is a tell-tale sign that it’s time for a new water heater. If you notice rust in your home that is not coming from the water heater, you may have a more serious problem in your pipes or the rest of your plumbing system. In either case, if you detect hints of rust in your water, it’s best to contact our Bakersfield plumber service right away. 

Your Water Heater Is Leaking

Speaking of leaky water heaters, that is another common sign that it’s time for a new one. Sometimes, water heaters may leak even though they have no traces of rust. This often means that as your water heater heats up, it expands ever so slightly. If there are any flaws or small cracks in the water heater, water will make its way out of the structure and onto the floor. Then, once the water heater cools down, it can close up the small imperfections and stop leaking for the time being. If you discover water near your water heater, be sure to contact our plumbing services at Gundlach Service in Bakersfield right away. If it is your water heater that is leaking, we can help you by replacing it right away. Or if you have a leak from your pipes or elsewhere in the home, our plumbing services can help you identify the source and remedy it right away. 

You’ve Already Repaired it One or More Times

Having your water heater repaired by a Bakersfield plumber once or twice is completely understandable and nothing too serious to be worried about. However, if you feel like your plumbing services expert practically lives at your home from how often they are performing repairs, that’s typically your sign that it’s time for a new one. If one of our plumbers from Gundlach’s Service is the technician that has been performing multiple repairs on your water heater, it’s likely that they have already made a recommendation for a new one. 

You’re Noticing Less or No Hot Water

One of the most common signs that a water heater is nearing the end of its life is the lack of hot water. As your water heater is on the decline, it can build up sediment in the bottom of the tank. This takes up some of the volume in the tank, leaving you with much less hot water. Additionally, sediment build-up can block off the water from the heat source. This makes it so that your water doesn’t get as hot or that you may not have any hot water at all. 

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