When looking for plumbing services around Bakersfield, it’s important that you don’t just hire anyone. There are a lot of great local plumbers out there but unfortunately, there are also some not so good ones out there too. Hiring the wrong plumber could lead to you having to get the work re-done, costing your hundreds sometimes thousands of dollars. Gundlach’s Services in Bakersfield has put together a great resource to help you determine what you should look for when hiring a plumber, so you can avoid making a costly mistake.


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A tell-tale sign that your plumber knows what they are doing is their experience. While experience doesn’t always mean someone is qualified, when it comes to businesses, it’s an important factor. Most of the time is a business has been around for a long time, it means that they are doing good work and people keep coming back to them for their service.


When a plumbing business is brand new, they are unproven. They may very well do good work, but is that something you want to risk with something as important as plumbing? Make sure that when you are looking for a plumber, they are well established within the community and have plenty of experience to take care of your plumbing needs.



Any company worth their salt offers some sort of assurance. Whether it be a limited warranty or some sort of guarantee, if a company believes in their own work, they will offer a guarantee of some sort. When looking for “plumbing services near me,” make sure you check out what kind of warranties they offer. If a company doesn’t believe in their own work, why should you?


Warranties/Guarantees often cover things like:


  • If, for whatever reason, the part used was faulty or defective in some way, shape, or form.
  • The quality of the work done by the technician, this type of warranty is typically one year.
  • Some plumbing services offer satisfaction guarantees that will remedy a problem should you be unsatisfied with an aspect of their services.


Bonding and Insurance

When a plumbing business is bonded and insured, it means that both parties involved (the business and the client) are protected. Oftentimes, this covers things like:


  • Injury of the technician
    • If the technician injurers him or herself while on the job, you are in no way held responsible and this event is covered under the businesses licenses and bonds
  • Work that was done incorrectly or not within the specified timeframe
    • While the timeframe isn’t all that relevant if you have hired a plumber that is inexperienced or under-qualified, the homeowner is protected and will not have to pay for it to be corrected


There are many other things that are covered by a plumber who is bonded and insured, but those are the big ones.


If you come across a plumber who is not insured and bonded, use caution. There are scams that exist where you pay someone for a service and that person is not who they say they are. These cases are unfortunate, and verifying that the local plumbing business is bonded and insured helps protect you from any scams or if any problems were to arise later on.


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