Looking for HVAC and plumbing services in Bakersfield you can trust? We are here to help. Check out the following questions we are frequently asked and reach out to our team for further help.

Do you have qualified, trustworthy service personnel?

All of our service personnel are highly trained in their field of expertise. We also run a background check and drug test all of our employees. Our hiring policies are very strict and we have found that only about one in twenty applicants qualify to be considered as employees.

Do your service technicians get paid on a commission basis?

Absolutely not! It is our philosophy that commissioned service programs create an unnecessary temptation for a service person to sell a customer something that they don’t need. About sixty percent of our competitors utilize a commission type compensation program. The owners of Gundlach’s when asked why they don’t pay this way would ask you, “Would you trust a service technician’s diagnosis of your plumbing or air conditioning system if you knew that the higher the repair cost, the more money he would put in his pocket?”

Does Gundlach’s stand behind their work?

As far as we know, we are the only service contractor in town that offers a two-year service repair warranty for our residential customers. We also have a no hassle warranty policy. If we made a mistake, we will be more than happy to correct it. We have had some customers that have used Gundlach’s for their entire lives and we would like to keep you as a customer as well.

What type of benefits do I get as a Gundlach’s Comfort Club Member?

Every Comfort Club Member saves about 15% on any plumbing or air conditioning service work performed. We perform your heating maintenance in the Fall and your cooling maintenance in the Spring. You will also receive a quarterly newsletter with special offers. You have the option of a monthly payment. Best of all, you will receive around the clock service if you need us in an emergency.

How do I become a Gundlach’s Comfort Club Member?

All you have to do is sign up either online or during a service call. Most of our customers have found that they save enough on repairs over the years that it pays for itself.

Will installing a new high efficiency air conditioning system save me money?

Yes, you will save on power consumption. The amount will depend on the age and quality of your existing system and what you choose as its replacement. We would be glad to set up an appointment with one of our energy consultants to evaluate your existing system and provide you with a few options.

What happens when Gundlach’s re-pipes my home?

Gundlach’s is the only contractor in town that we are aware of that provides what we call a turn key re–piping program. We replace all the piping in your home with a combination of type L copper pipe and A–Pex type tubing. Any exposed piping will be in copper and all of the valves, hose bibs, and angle stops under the sinks will be new. During the project your home will be protected with drop cloths and plastic zip walls. You will not have to leave for a week for us to do the work if you don’t want to. We will make sure that you always have one operational bathroom prior to leaving each day.

After the plumbing is finished it will be inspected by the city or county building department. Then our drywall contractor comes in and patches and textures all of the holes that were put in the walls to accommodate the new piping. All you have left to do is a little painting.

Can a tankless water heater save me money?

Yes and No. You have to pay to install one before you can save anything. The cost of installation of a quality tankless water heater of the proper size for your home can be between $2,000.00 and $4,000.00. You can buy a lot of gas for that kind of money, so your return on investment is relatively poor. New air conditioning systems provide much better returns on investment. The primary reason for installing a tankless water heater is so that you will have an endless supply of hot water. If you have a large family or a large tub or shower, tankless water heaters are nice to have and less expensive to operate than larger tank type water heaters. Tankless water heaters don’t require a great deal of space either.

What is the best way to filter the water in my home?

It depends on what you would like to achieve. If you just want some better than bottle quality drinking water you may want to consider an under the sink R.O. unit. We do not recommend it for families with small children because most of the fluoride and other minerals needed for healthy bones and teeth are removed along with contaminants. If you have small children and want better drinking water, a good quality multi–staged media filter system would be best.

If you want to filter your water for the entire home we recommend a whole house filtration system that is auto back–flushing. This provides good tasting and healthy drinking water at every faucet in the home but does not soften the water. If you wish to have soft water a good quality softener would be required up stream of the filter. When selecting any filtration or water softening equipment be sure that it is NSF/ANSI 44 certified. Any water softening system that does not carry this label is not up to current building code and will reduce the available water pressure in the home. All of our WaterTechproducts that we offer are certified.

What is more important: SEER or EER rating?

When rating a new air conditioning system, two test criteria are used. The SEER rating for air conditioning equipment is an efficiency rating that is tested at 82 degrees F outside air temperature. This test is fine for areas of the country like Florida or Texas where the high humidity requires that systems run at 82 degrees F. Here in Bakersfield, 82 degrees F weather is window weather. Due to our dryer climate, we typically do not run our air conditioning unit until the temperature outside reaches over 90 degrees F. Here in Bakersfield we have always relied on the EER efficiency rating to determine an accurate operational efficiency of air conditioning equipment. The EER is tested at 95 degrees F. We have found in some cases that equipment with a higher SEER rating can have the same EER rating of a 13 SEER unit. With cost differences up to $3000.00 for higher efficiency equipment you may never get your money back through savings in electrical usage.

If you would like some more information the PG&E website has more on the subject.

Are there any rebates available for new air conditioning systems?

There are some rebates available at this time. The amount of a rebate depends on equipment size and efficiency. Manufacturers rebate are available on some higher end products. Please contact us for an appointment so we can show you some of the rebates that are currently available.

Does an air conditioning system need to have Freon added periodically?

No! The only time that an air conditioning system should need additional refrigerant is if some of the refrigerant charge has leaked out. If your system is low on refrigerant then there is a system leak that is in need of repair. We have found that adding refrigerant has become a common scam among our competitors that pay on a commission basis. Technicians that are paid on commission can’t make any money unless they sell you something.

If a technician says that your system is low on Freon, your follow–up question should be; “Did you find the leak?” Chances are, if it is a scam the tech will fumble and bumble around and start telling you that it can leak out the access ports etc. Your next question is “Weren’t there any caps on the ports?” It is competitors like these that give our industry a bad name.

How does the Free Trip or Diagnostic coupon work?

The coupon is for residential customers only and is only valid when used in conjunction with an approved flat rate repair. All of our technicians have a flat rate book that provides pricing for common repair tasks. The typical service invoice will consist of a trip or diagnostic charge plus the flat rate repair cost. After approving the repair price just present the coupon and the technician will remove the trip or diagnostic charge from your invoice.

If you do not approve the flat rate repair cost you will be responsible for payment of the trip or diagnostic charges.

What is a “flat rate” repair?

The flat rate repair system has been developed so that our customers will know what their repair cost will be prior to starting the work. We have developed a book with all the most common repairs and cost associated with that repair. We have found that our customers prefer this system.

We have discovered that most customers are not comfortable with the old “time and material” system. They were never sure what the bill would be, and didn’t think it was fair to pay extra for a less experienced or slower technician.

Under the flat rate system you are not charged extra to go pick up a part, or extra labor required because the technician didn’t have the correct parts or tools for the job. The flat rate system forces us to keep our technicians well supplied and trained. The more efficient we are as a service company, the more profitable we become. Many of our competitors on the old “time and material” system are more profitable when their people are poorly trained, poorly stocked and unorganized. We just didn’t think that would be fair to our customers. Do you?

Who should I call for drain service, a plumber or a rooter guy?

It is best to call a plumber, especially if it is a reoccurring problem. A trained plumber understands plumbing system design and pitfalls. The plumber should also have the equipment needed to perform further diagnostic or repair if required. Any company with the name rooter or drain in its title usually hires what we refer to as cable jockeys, these guys are generally paid on commission and lack the necessary skill to do anything beyond snaking out a plugged line. You will also discover that the cost of having one of these companies out isn’t any less expensive than a real plumber, so why not get a professional technician for your money?

At Gundlach’s, your comfort is our priority. We offer a full suite of home comfort services including plumbing, air conditioning, heating, and whole home performance.

When you join our Comfort Club, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your equipment is running efficiently. Properly maintained equipment lasts longer and reduces energy costs! Reach out today to learn more about our heating, cooling, and plumbing services in Bakersfield. We look forward to serving you and your family.

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