You and your family deserve to be comfortable, safe, and healthy in your home. Gundlach’s offers expert home performance services that increase in-home safety, comfort, and energy efficiency!

Interested in a home energy audit in Bakersfield? We can help! A Gundlach’s certified home performance advisor will look at all the parts of your home and provide improvement options tailored to your needs. Utilizing state-of-the-art testing equipment, we can easily pinpoint any components that are negatively impacting your health, comfort, safety, and utility bills. An experienced installation crew then performs the entire scope of work. As your whole home performance specialist, we handle the entire design, installation, and completion of your project. Talk to us today about how you can improve home energy efficiency while keeping your family comfortable year-round.

Gundlach’s Service is also a proud member of the “GreenHomes America Network.” GreenHomes America is an exclusive network for home performance contractors, which gives us the best resources and most up to date training for our employees so that we can help our customers earn the best energy rebates available for their upgrades. Learn more about the Greenhomes America Network here.

Request Whole Home Assessment

4 Steps to a Safe, Comfortable, and Energy Efficient Home

Step 1: Whole Home Assessment

Our building analyst is highly trained and certified by the Building Performance Institute. When you call Gundlach’s for a home energy audit, a certified analyst comes to your home and performs several tests including:

  • Infrared camera scan
  • Air conditioner, furnace, and water heater efficiency evaluations
  • Home air leakage test
  • Duct leakage test
  • Insulation quality and R-value rating
  • Window and door efficiency evaluations

Step 3: Home Improvements

Once you customize your improvement plan, an experienced installation crew performs the entire scope of work that you selected based on our recommendations.

Step 2: Assessment Report

After fully assessing your home, an energy consultant will provide options and costs for each recommendation and you can choose which improvements you would like to make. They will also show you projected energy savings for after your home improvements are complete.

Step 4: Enjoy Results

  • A safer, healthier, and more comfortable home
  • Improved home durability
  • Lower utility bills
  • Higher resale value
  • Reduced carbon footprint