Gundlach’s Plumbing and Sheet Metal is built on a rich history of integrity and innovation. We have been serving the air conditioning, plumbing, and heating needs of Bakersfield, CA for over 100 years.

We welcome you to get to know us better!

1900 – Company Founded

Gundlach’s Plumbing was established in 1900 by Max Gundlach Jr. and his partner A.C. Wroot. They opened a plumbing repair shop on the corner of 20th and Chester under the name Gundlach & Wroot.

1927 – Added Tinning & Sheet Metal Services

In 1927, I. Rees Jones bought into the business (for a grand total of $4,666.00) and shortly after expanded its services to include tinning and sheet metal work. Our state contractor’s license is No. 1338 – we still get funny looks on the low number!

1930 – Company Name Change

In 1930, the business was officially renamed and incorporated under the name Gundlach’s Plumbing and Sheet Metal Co. Ltd. Shortly thereafter, the business relocated to 2324 Chester Ave., a former horse stable and automotive repair building.

1934 – Air Conditioning Services Added

In 1934 Cecil and Lee Jones joined their father’s business. The family worked together to bring air conditioning services to their growing business. Cecil received training in New York at the Carrier factory. You can still find old water cooled systems that were built from scratch by Cecil and Lee in some of Bakersfield’s older homes and buildings in town…and yes, they are still running today.

1941 – Passing of Our Founder

Max Gundlach passed away in 1941 and his widow, Gussie Gundlach, sold the remainder of the business to the Jones family.

1950 – One of The Largest Mechanical Contractors in Town

During the 1950s and 1960s Gundlach’s became one of the largest mechanical contractors in town, completing such projects as:

  • Minter Field
  • St. Francis Church
  • Memorial Hospital’s maternity ward
  • …and several local high schools

1985 – Focus on Service & Remodeling

In 1985, Gundlach’s discontinued the tinning and sheet metal fabrication side of the business in order to focus on service and remodeling work for plumbing and air conditioning. They relocated to 2313 K St. before moving to 1330 32nd Street.

2004 – Ken & Shelly Wonderly Purchase Gundlach’s

In April of 2004, Trent Jones (the son of Cecil Jones) and his daughter Jennifer Starbuck sold the long–time family run business to Ken and Shelly Wonderly. Ken had been in the air conditioning business for over twenty years and had worked for some of the largest mechanical contractors in the country.

2015 – Committed to State-of-the-Art Solutions

Under Ken’s leadership the company has expanded its state-of-the-art solutions for plumbing and air conditioning customers. With our current relocation to 4415 Foster Ave, we are building on a rich history and demonstrate a commitment to future growth. Gundlach’s offers its customers “Today’s technology with good old fashioned integrity.”

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